Personal Data privacy and value

Take Control of your liabilities from
Data Privacy & Security

Let data be an asset without liabilities and compromise!

Data Security

Get value from your user data without risks and liabilities from data breaches while gaining consumer confidence.


Zero data security risk

Collect user data without any security risk to users and enterprises. Risk is isolated at the source.

Recommendations and Promotions

Access to data

Access to user data is secure at all times - at collection, in storage and in use.


Zero data security liability

Assets come with liabilities. Data is a valuable asset, which can be a liability depending on how its managed.

Value without Compromise

Value without compromise

Get value from your user data without compromising on data security.

Best way to accumulate data assets without liabilities

Get the benefits from data without the risks and liabilities from privacy and security.

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Data Privacy

Get value from user data without stepping on their privacy while minimizing the regulation liabilities and overhead. Let users be in control of their privacy and have trust in enterprises.
User identity is never shared and is always in the users control

Unified Management

Zero Privacy overhead

Collect, contain and process user data without the overhead of data privacy.

Control over data with confidence

User defined privacy

Privacy is a basic human right and data privacy is as well. Let users define and manage their own data privacy.

Monitoring and Alerts

Zero Privacy liability

User data is protected for zero liabilities and fines from privacy regulations.

AI Based Privacy recommendations

Comply with regulations

Comply with constantly evolving privacy regulations with user defined privacy and without the overhead and liabilities.

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